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Priests (shadow)


Warrior (dps)

Deathwing Down!!!! 2-23-12
Feb 25, 12 4:29 PM
Spine Neutrailized!!!! 1-27-12
Feb 11, 12 4:29 PM
Blackhorn Down!!!! 1-11-12
Jan 17, 12 4:02 PM
Ultraxion Down!!!! 1-11-12
Jan 17, 12 4:00 PM
Hagara Down!!!! 12-22
Jan 17, 12 3:59 PM
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We are a Horde guild on Alexstrasza. We strive to be a fun, active, drama-free raiding guild.

Working as Intended has the distinction of being one of the longest-running "Raiding" guilds on this server. We have had downfalls and triumphs. We have been raped, pillaged, and plundered, stabbed in the back, kicked while we were down - and yet we survive. The weak have been exterminated and only true Soldiers remain. More than a dozen BC and WOTLK raid bosses in 25man content were 1 shotted on our very first time in that instance. Our core raiders are like family and treat and  protect each other like family. Our family is always growing and we are looking for players of all classes who share our goal of having a good time rather than just waiting for the next epic loot to drop. If killing a raid boss for the first time is more enjoyable than getting your hands on epics then we want you. Applicants are not required to have end-game experience but knowing how to play your class is a must. We ask that you have a respectful attitude and want to play the game for what it is ... fun! We do focus on raiding, and we ask that you listen and leave your stubbornness behind. That being said we are a casual raiding guild only raiding 3 nights a week with mixed main/alt 10 and 25mans on weekends for fun. Even though we use the word casual we take those 3 raiding nights very seriously and do our best to progress and see new content. Our leadership is experienced in end-game raiding and we have no problems with helping new raiders learn their class purpose, as long as our members are receptive and willing to listen.  If this sounds like a guild for you please read the guild's Code of Conduct before you apply.

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Deathwing Down!!!! 2-23-12

Mylikael, Feb 25, 12 4:29 PM.

Spine Neutrailized!!!! 1-27-12

Mylikael, Feb 11, 12 4:29 PM.

Blackhorn Down!!!! 1-11-12

Mylikael, Jan 17, 12 4:02 PM.

Ultraxion Down!!!! 1-11-12

Mylikael, Jan 17, 12 4:00 PM.

Hagara Down!!!! 12-22

Mylikael, Jan 17, 12 3:59 PM.
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